21 August 2006

MST3K (307)

307 - Daddy-O (w/ Alphabet Antics) - Continuity! Miracle Growth Baby returns. In a show where crazy Joel can disappear between contiguous host segments, a hold-over character from the Mads' previous invention exchange is quite a surprise. While the character of the MGB is not interesting in and of itself, he's a great MacGuffin for Mad-related antics. The alien facehugger pacifier was brilliant. As a horror fan and someone contemplating parenthood for the near future, I want one. I also love the multiple, baby-spill-caused false endings as the credits attempt to roll. The rare glimpse into the Mads' domestic life is hilarious.

Also returning to the show, Mike drops by the hexfield for the first time this entire season. He wasn't onscreen for very long, but he was perfect as the legally blind Bruce. "Give me that key, fella."

I see we're repeating 303's successful host segment formula by aping scenes from the movie. Works for me. "The Pants Up Song" is another great musical host segment sung with confident silliness by Joel. I also liked Crow and Servo's drag race re-enactment. Maybe I shouldn't say this, but Crow sure looks good with silky, blonde locks. "Now you both win a delicious pizza!" Splat.

Daddy-O: "What's this?" Servo-as- Chillas: "It's made of butter." Solid riffing this episode with a nice helping of laughs. I especially liked the recurring butter riffs, which seemingly came out of nowhere.

Joel Goatee II, week 1.

"Q is for the queer, queer pelican, whose beak can hold more than his belly can." (8/10)

film d. Lou Place (1958)
short p. Eugene W. Castle (1951)
mst d. Jim Mallon (20 Jul 1991)