19 August 2006

MST3K (306)

306 - Time of the Apes - (aka Saru no Gundan: "Episode 1" + Saru no Gundan: "Episode 26") For some reason, the "poop throwing" jokes never got old. Any jokes about monkeys being stinky were amusing, too. Outside of those, laughs were pretty rare for me. That might be my fault, as I was pretty tired tonight. But, it was either get this one out of the way now or do four days in a row starting Sunday. Sometimes the "Year on the SOL" schedule is a harsh mistress.

I'm starting to regret watching the KTMA versions of these episodes. This isn't because I'm having trouble watching the movies again so soon, nor is it because the guys are repeating a lot of riffs (they aren't, as far as I remember). Nope, it's because the KTMA versions were longer and I'm noticing all of the cool stuff BBI cut for the season three versions. Gamera vs Barugon had an entire monster fight removed from it, making the movie seem more boring than it really is. In this movie, they've sliced all of the trippy UFO stuff that "explained" how the characters got back home. They could've sliced some of the really boring false ending stuff from the very end of the movie instead. Though, I suppose the way it is reflects the writers' room experience as told in the ACEG. I missed the 2001-style UFO weirdness.

The invention exchange was solid and the giant baby / grown man in a diaper was appropriately disturbing. I didn't really care for the other host segments this time out. "Why Doesn't Johnny Care?" was technically well-scripted, but all it did was make me want to watch a real educational short with the guys. Thankfully, we're finally getting one of those next episode. "Fashion Minute" was essentially the same segment: bot narration over clips from the movie. "Monkey Trial" could've used some weird masks to spice things up.

All, singing: "Sandy Frank / Sandy Frank / Likes to crap in his hand." Servo: "I hope he doesn't see this." Well, that certainly explains why Sandy Frank hates MST3K.

"They're gonna give him a 21-turd salute." (6/10)

film d. Atsuo Okunaka & Kiyo Sumi Fukazawa (1974)
mst d. Jim Mallon (13 Jul 1991)