24 August 2006

MST3K (309)

309 - The Amazing Colossal Man - I wonder when they're going to fix Crow's net? His theater silhouette's net is just fine. The host segment version's net is hanging by a thread. I think Joel's been angrily yanking on it too much this season.

Doctor Chad Feelgood: "Your name was the only word he spoke." Servo: "Well, that and AHHHHH!" The riffing during the entire post-accident hospital scene was excellent. The guys get a great rhythm going and the laughs build on each other. The constant references to cooked food and making the characters hit on the bereaved fiancée were some of the best riffs this season so far. The fun is continued in the following host segment in which Joel attempts to teach the bots how to be nice to spouses of nuclear accident victims. It doesn't work so well, much to our benefit. "He'll sure come off the bone easy."

Maybe unique in the series, both Joel and Mike play the same character in two different host segments. Joel's turn as Glen has him uttering the immortal quote "What kind of sin could a man commit..." Joel's Glen is sad, trapped in a room and poked fun of by robots. Mike's Glen is pissed off at the world and sick of getting hit in the gut by satellites. Not sure where Mike-Glen got those size 5000 blue jeans, though. I prefer either to the wuss in the movie. Bah. A few rounds from the military and he tumbles into a river. He didn't even pick up a bus and play it like a harmonica.

There is no way Stan Lee didn't see this movie. A man runs into a nuclear bomb test to save someone who has wandered into its path. The explosion turns him into a giant monster, much to his lady-friend's dismay. The military chases the monster in the desert. I can't want to get to whatever MST episodes contain the original ideas for the Fantastic Four or Spider-Man.

"Yeah, poor bum's screams were muffled by a throat full of his own blood." (7/10)

film d. Bert I. Gordon (1957)
mst d. Jim Mallon (3 Aug 1991)