20 August 2006

Fincher (closing thoughts)

David Fincher's one of my favorite directors. Even when he stumbles, his technical skills manage to create a visually interesting film.

Every-other Fincher film is a masterpiece, so I'm expecting great things from Zodiac. I have to admit, I'm not thrilled that this is his long-awaited next project. Fincher's pretty much tackled, slaughtered and mounted on his mantle the serial killer genre with Se7en. I don't know if there's any reason at all for him to revisit it. If he was interested in true-story-based filmmaking, I wish he'd stuck with The Black Dahlia. That unsolved crime story would've been perfect for Fincher's sensibility.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button sounds more interesting. A man begins aging backwards and falls in love with a woman. How can they last if she continues to grow older and he gets younger? The plot has the potential for sappiness, but I trust Fincher to infuse enough of his own darkness into it to make it worth while. Fincher is directing Brad Pitt again in this one, which has always worked out well in the past.

At any rate, I'm glad the man has settled onto some projects. It's been too long since the silver screen was darkened by his vision.