05 August 2006

MST3K (212)

212 - Godzilla vs. Megalon - I'm a little ashamed to say that this, Godzilla, Part 13, is the first Godzilla movie I've ever seen. I can now say I've seen one third of a Godzilla film, anyway. The titular character doesn't bother to show up until the movie's almost over will. Meanwhile, we're stuck with an annoying kid straight out of Gamera and an Ultraman rip-off robot. At least the quad-monster fight at the end gives the guys plenty of non-dialogue film to riff with.

Why's the red jumpsuit back? The color scheme of the show was evolving until now. In the KTMA days, Joel was in a blah-beige suit with both Crow and Gypsy painted a very similar gold color and Servo painted silver. Not very exciting to look at, they were all washed out and indistinct. Enter the Comedy Channel and a bigger budget. Now Servo and Joel are red, Crow is yellow and Gypsy is purple. Pretty good. Things are brighter and almost everyone has their own thing going. Enter season two. Joel switches to a green jumpsuit. Finally, everyone is pleasantly iconic. Servo is red, Crow is yellow, Joel is green and Gypsy is purple. Bonus: the three who enter the theater have colors that match the lights on the movie sign console.

With this episode, Joel is Servo-color again. You wouldn't put both Alvin and Simon in red dresses, would you? Velma and Shaggy would never both wear orange, right? Jason would never don a red and green striped jumpsuit to battle Freddy, I don't think? Ah well, Mike's wisely-colored jumpsuit will fix this in two-and-half years.

I'm guessing there was a series of Redenbacher ads back in '90 in which Orville starred with his grandson? Apparently, the grandson had a funny haircut? I don't remember, luckily for me. This is probably the least timeless sketch the guys have ever done. I was alive during that time and didn't get it. This one'll be mystifying to anyone too young or not alive at that time. I suppose we're lucky it wasn't a "Where's the beef?" skit.

No need to state: "Rex Dart: Eskimo Spy" simply rules.

"Mine has a secret. There's an elf in his head." (7/10)

film d. Jun Fukuda (1973)
mst d. Jim Mallon (19 Jan 1991)