30 August 2006

MST3K (312)

312 - Gamera vs Guiron - I can see why Sandy Frank skipped a movie, as this Gamera flick is very similar to the last. Twice in row, a couple of annoying kids get trapped on a UFO decorated by a triangle fetishist. What are the odds!? What I don't understand is why none of the adults believed the kids were really on a UFO. Wake up! That already happened once before! Remember the bumblebee-painted ship that landed on Earth? It wasn't much of secret at the time. Yeesh.

I have next-to-no idea who the hell Richard Burton was. Apparently, I've seen him when I watched the wretched Exorcist II, but I've tried to forget that fact. Any jokes that may or may not have been present in the host segment dedicated to him were lost on me. Unfortunately, this was also one of the longest host segments in the history of the show. Jokes about Boomer-era personalities and TV shows, I'd rather see confined to movie riffing. I may not get the McCloud riffs, but at least someone else will say something completely different within a few seconds. Give me a goofy song, a funnied-up scene from the movie, a creative invention, or the bots acting like kids in a host segment, instead, please.

Speaking of goofy songs, all of the versions of the "Gamera Song" were gold. Joel looks so carefree and happy when he's singing it in the host segments, I couldn't help but shoot a goofy grin back to him. During the final host segment, when we cut to Mike as Michael Feinstein, I was a bit concerned (I don't know who the hell he is, either). Once Mike started a-singing and a-tickling the ivories, it didn't matter anymore. Yeah, I've already heard the "Gamera Song" three times prior to his version. Sure, Mike was out of tune a bit in the middle. It was still A-OK.

"Well, for now we call it the Sony Bigman." Crow said this early in the movie and gave me a moment of utter confusion. What's Doctor Forrester doing in the theater? Is he speaking from Deep 13? Ahh… Crow was speaking as one of the scientist guys in the film and Dr. F. is a scientist, so that's Trace's scientist voice. Gotcha. It made me appreciate how well he handles both of his characters. I almost never think of Crow and Dr. F as the same guy.

"My mother's donuts are a saint!" (7/10)

film d. Noriaki Yuasa (1969)
mst d. Jim Mallon (7 Sep 1991)