13 September 2006

MST3K (319)

319 - War of the Colossal Beast (w/ Mr. B Natural) - Joel-as-Buzz (worried): "You've seen me do everything?" Mr. B Natural, the Pod People of shorts. This short is one of the earliest memories of MST3K I have. In fact, I think it was the first bit of MST3K I saw that really made me laugh. It still has that power, even though I've seen a half-dozen times since then. The tears were welling up in my eyes as I watched the guys recoil in horror from the man-lady sprite from Hell.

I'm liking the B.I.G. movies. I look forward to them, which is something I cannot say for the Sandy Frank and Corman flicks. WotCB, like Earth vs. the Spider, is plenty entertaining. When the titular beast finally makes his first appearance, he sort of jumps out from behind a mountain, revealing his newly disfigured face. It was an effective shot. I can easily imagine '50s audiences jumping and screaming in their theater seats. The exposed skull makeup is pretty good, too, for the time. I wouldn't mind wearing that getup for a Halloween costume.

Scientist: "Dr. Richardson, how's the examination coming?" Crow: "My nurse fell down his throat!" The riffing was solid this time out. Gone is the confused frustration from 318; the guys know what this film is and they tear into with precision. The host segments, while not Pod People-hysterical, were also very solid. We get real inventions this time with a pair of food-shooting weapons. Joel goes goofy again with his "KTLA announcer of the future" shtick. Mike makes a return as a good-natured colossal Glen. And, incredibly important philosophical ground is covered during the Crow-Servo "Mr B: Man or Woman?" debate.

"He's crying for his mother. Her name was AHHHHG!" (8/10)

film d. Bert I. Gordon (1958)
short d. Phil Patton (1957)
mst d. Jim Mallon (30 Nov 1991)