29 September 2006

SWH: Week 2 (seven)

Six Weeks of HalloweenTales from the Crypt: "The Ventriloquist's Dummy" (1990)
Not another killer doll story... waitaminute, this is frickin' hilarious. (8/10)
d. Richard Donner

Carnivàle: "Babylon" (trailer)
Guinea Pig 4: Mermaid in the Manhole (trailer)
Aqua Teen Hunger Force: "The Shaving" (2003)

Silent Hill (2006)
Very respectful of the excellent game series, though the long exposition scene was not the best way to present that information. (7/10)
d. Christophe Gans

Inhumanoids: "The Evil That Lies Within, Part 1" (1986)
Giant monsters smashing the hell out of San Francisco was something Saturday mornings needed. (7/10)
d. Ray Lee

Inhumanoids: "The Evil That Lies Within, Part 2" (1986)
The mantle is not liquid-hot magma, but, rather, huge diamonds. (7/10)
d. Ray Lee

Watched with Chef Gregory Jay ~250 miles north of home base shortly after smoking a Clint Eastwood-style cigar over a camp fire.