14 September 2006

MST3K (320)

320 - The Unearthly (w/ Posture Pals + Appreciating Our Parents) - It was a war to keep my eyes open. This was partially due to being tired, but the entire episode didn't help, either. This is the most boring experiment since 103.

The two shorts were incredibly tedious. Perhaps coming fresh from Mr. B Natural will skew your expectations for these things, but I don't think that was the problem. Both had impossibly dull narration over unbelievably dull subjects. I'd have thought that some nuggets of ironic joy could be gleaned from the shorts' exhibitions of square '50s culture, but that didn't even get me to grin.

The movie was in the same, crappy neighborhood as the aforementioned Mad Monster. There's a mad scientist. He's got some potentially nifty ideas. The gland thing reminded me of my fondness for From Beyond. The execution of the story was terrible. This film could hardly be called a horror movie. It was mostly just people walking around the same couple of rooms in a house.

The poor source material wasn't enhanced very much by JatB. None of the riffing got me to laugh at all. The host segments were ho-hum. I liked Frank's tears over his pet gerbil -- now trapped in a giant pill for Dr. F's invention exchange -- and I liked the overly complex Mousetrap game spoof. That's about it, though. A song or a visit from Mike would've been very welcome here.

Hard to believe Rhino actually chose this one on purpose for a box set. Anyway, time to get some sleep.

"Uh, mind if I skip dinner? I'm a bit off my food." (5/10)

film d. Boris Petroff [as Brooke L. Peters] (1957)
short 1 d. ?? (1952)
short 2 d. Ted Peshak (1950)
mst d. Jim Mallon (14 Dec 1991)