02 April 2007


MST3K's Academy of Robots' Choice Awards Special - Three years after their last Oscar special, Mike and the bots return to molest the nominated movies from 1997. Like the similar Summer Blockbuster Review, the guys riff on promotional clips from the featured films. It's a fun diversion from the regular flow of episodes. The guys getting to dig into big-budget Hollywood fare is always a treat.

As with the Playstation Underground short, the guys modify their shout of "movie sign!" This time, it's "Oscar sign!" What next? "Sunburn sign!"? After a decade, I suppose they're allowed to play around.

"Absolutely, future President Gore," says Crow to the then-Vice President over the phone. That takes on a little bit of a stranger meaning in this post-Bush v. Gore world. Ah, what an innocent world those 1998ers lived in.

"The battlefield smells delicious, gentlemen. Now drop the drawn butter." (7/10)

mst d. Kevin Murphy (19 Mar 1998)