25 April 2007

MST3K (1002)

1002 - Girl in Gold Boots - We haven't had a late-'60s-youth-gone-wild flick in a really, really long time. Like its predecessors, Gold Boots boldly defines the words sleazy and oily.

"I'm having Critter's varmint!" The riffing was much funnier than I remembered. Last time I watched this episode, I found it boring. I must have been sleepy, because the riffing was consistent and dead-on target for most of the episode. Season ten's off to a great start. "I'm gonna drive in reverse and get some of that gas back."

I think Joel's visit had a lasting affect into this episode. I betcha his really old habit of using props in the theater inspired Mike's gag with the pool cue in this one. Mike even admits to the bots that he's been saving it for "8 years," which is longer than he's been the host but not longer than he has been head writer.

The ACEG mentions that the whole "Mad Scientist Accreditation" thing was a result of a Sci-Fi mandated storyline arc for the season. I liked it, anyway. I've also come to the slow realization that Paul Chaplin is hilarious as a guest actor. This time, he plays a foppish mad scientist from the accreditation bureau. He's great in these bureaucratic roles. He was also a funny Observer back at the beginning of season 8.

Bill: you owe me a brainwashing. The image of Brain Guy dressed only in a gold mini dress, gold boots and too-tight tights dancing for the pleasure of Pearl and the mad scientist is going to weasel its way into my mind's eye repeatedly throughout the day, despite my attempts to block that memory from ever surfacing again. Sorry, I just can't accept Observer as a sexual being.

"Hey, my butt is drunk." (8/10)

film d. Ted V. Mikels (1968)
mst d. Kevin Murphy (18 Apr 1999)