17 April 2007

MST3K (910)

910 - The Final Sacrifice - Kind of a Canadian version of The Goonies, except that all but one of the kids has been replaced by a beer-swilling "uncooked bratwurst with hair." I haven't the slightest idea what the cult in the movie wanted, what that ancient city was all about, or why they killed the boy's dad. There was something about a map and a code to translate in there, too. I dunno. I just remember, fondly, that crazy old Red Green clone in the cabin. Derned varmints!

Given two characters with so much built-in potential for humor -- Zap Rowsdower and boy-geek Troy -- the riffing was a breeze for the guys. Rowsdower's hair, poor health, beverage of choice and butt shape all fall under the blade of the crew's wit. I think of him as the Canadian Mitchell. Also under attack were Troy's more than obvious loves of band camp, glee club and Counselor Troi, as well as his resultant experience with bullying. Too many sports references in the beginning, though. Who the frig is Larry Csonka?

I wonder if "I Wish I Was Back in Old Canada" got them any hate mail from north of the border?

"You know, he blends in. He looks like a sack of garbage." (8/10)

film d. Tjardus Greidanus (1988)
mst d. Kevin Murphy (25 Jul 1998)