03 April 2007

MST3K (903)

903 - The Pumaman - Such restraint. No references to "Pyooma?" from 206? Too long ago? I guess Donald Pleasence covered that pronunciation in the movie for them. Still, there was a time when they couldn't go two experiments without referencing that riff.

"You the guy that's been writing anti-Aztec stuff on the bathroom walls?" The riffing had several spots where it was very funny. Crow was especially on fire in this episode; my out loud laughing was courtesy of his quips, mostly. I think this is the first time I've felt that he has really staked a claim on the in-theater character, separate from Trace's Crow. The episode did suffer from some periodic slow parts in the comedy. It wasn't quite the slam-dunk I was hoping for based on what I'd read of it. Still, the movie was incredibly goofy and it was all in good fun. I think I'll make a friend or two watch this one with me again in the future.

Who the frig is Roger Whitaker? Ugh, so now that we're earthbound again, we're back to wasting multiple host segments on pop culture personalities that have nothing to do with the movie? I'd rather be stuck on the monkey planet. What they really need are some new host segment characters. They keep dragging poor Ortega out whenever they need a guest. He's fine, I suppose, but he ain't Torgo, Mr. B or even Pitch. How about Big McLargehuge from Space Mutiny, the ugly stepsister from Jack Frost, or the disgusting redneck from The Giant Spider Invasion for new visitors? There are tons of cool characters that could be brought onto the show. C'mon guys!

"This always happens! People throw me out the window, tell me I'm Pumaman, then leave!" (7/10)

film d. Alberto De Martino (1980)
mst d. Michael J. Nelson (4 Apr 1998)