14 March 2007

MST3K (813)

813 - Jack Frost - I love these Russian and/or Finnish movies. Though this one was made by a different group of people than the previous three, it's just as fun. I can't even imagine an American movie being made in this style. The wild, fairy tale logic of it all is such a treat. I wonder if there's some sort of DVD box set of these things out there?

"Yes, every culture's mythology features the hero chasing a pig-sleigh." Unlike other episodes with movies from this neck of the woods, I enjoyed the riffing in this one. Pointing out Grandpa Frost's extremely dangerous staff, the jokes about what foods to put the mushroom guy on, and the jokes about bear excretory functions in dense tree areas were some of the things that got me to laugh out loud.

Hey, people are actually visiting the hexfield viewscreen again! Amazing. First, Yakov Smirnoff visits, then a butcher from Maine. Erm... someone forgot that it was actually the year 2525 and the Earth has been destroyed and they're way out in the middle of nowhere, I take it. I'm glad. Who cares, it's just a show? Better to have visitors to the SOL. Anyway, sorry, Patrick: Josh was a better bad Soviet comedian than you were. Paul as the butcher was quite funny in the small amount of time he was onscreen, though.

"The world's thrown into chaos: earthquakes, floods... but that's fine. You knit your sock." (8/10)

film d. Aleksandr Rou (1964)
mst d. Kevin Murphy (12 Jul 1997)