02 March 2007

MST3K (803)

803 - The Mole People - Weird. I was just thinking about those things. The all-powerful, glowing eyes that Crow had in the first host segment were actually a pair of bizarre toys I used to have. They're ping pong ball-sized -- a perfect fit for Crow's eye socket -- plastic balls with two small electric leads on the outside. When you place a fingertip on each lead, it would complete a circuit and make the ball both blink red and emit a strange, electronic, modulating noise. Not a week ago, I was pondering these things. What was their purpose? They glow and make annoying sounds. Not really a "toy" to play with. Why just a ball? How about making it into so kind of character to play with? And, where the hell did I get it? I dunno. Anyway, the J&B Novelty Company from Flint, Michigan that Mike claims makes those things definitely does not exist. In fact, nothing quite that fun exists in that broken-down town.

I'm disappointed. Hugh Beaumont was in this movie. Not only that, Hugh Beaumont spent some time climbing a mountain in this movie. No one wanted to mention rock climbing? No one? Worse, Hugh didn't even make a return visit to the hexfield as he did in 420. C'mon! I know that was a different network, but both of these recurring gags are sort of tradition. What a wasted opportunity.

I guess they did kind off-handedly comment on the missing hexfield appearance. Mike briefly appears in the viewscreen as the science guy from the beginning of the movie. Except, the bots really know it's Mike and they call him out on it. Turns out, he's simply broadcasting from the other side of the bridge. It was some good, clean, self-reflexive fun. I hope, however, this isn't their way of saying that Mike's guest appearances as other characters are gone for good. I love those. I don't care that you can easily tell it's just Mike in a costume. He's funny as other people and it doesn't matter.

"Oh, and we need the pan on your head for dessert, sir." (7/10)

film d. Virgil W. Vogel (1956)
mst d. Jim Mallon (15 Feb 1997)