19 March 2007

MST3K (815)

815 - Agent for H.A.R.M. - This is probably the worst spy movie I've ever seen. You really should know you've got a problem your movie when your super-secret agent spends much of the time dressed in a yellow cardigan sweater. When Agent Chance strangles a bad guy in a van, it's like watching Mr. Rogers commit murder. Weird.

Man, Crow was in the gutter today. He contributed what was probably the dirtiest riff in the show's history in this episode. The Niece: "Are you coming, or do I swim alone?" Crow: "Yes and yes." Shortly after, he quipped, when Adam Chance pulls a bathing suit from a drawer, "Get ready to gift wrap a beautiful package." Later in the movie, he makes Chance say: "I have a condition where I need sex every hour" and "With our reproductive organs" (in response to: "We were just saying goodbye"). Was Bill in between girlfriends at this time, maybe?

Crow also lets loose during one of the host segments. When called to submit video testimony in Mike's trial, he unhelpfully swears like a sailor while doing so. "Hi, I'm Crow T. Robot and I'm here to tell you that Mike is innocent. Mike Nelson is 200% [bleep]ing not guilty."

Surprisingly, Crow's potty mouth was the only thing that got me to laugh during this episode. The overpowering dullness of the film prevented me from getting into the riffing. The host segments were all a part of a continuing storyline, which is something I'm never a fan of. However, I did like the new Bobo that was briefly glimpsed in the third host segment. In it, he deftly demolishes Observer's testimony using his knowledge of pie baking. I like smart Bobo.

"Watch me open the hell outta this door." (6/10)

film d. Gerd Oswald (1966)
mst d. Michael J. Nelson (2 Aug 1997)