19 March 2007

MST3K (816)

816 - Prince of Space - Boring, boring, boring. I wanted to escape the theater as badly as Crow did by the end of this one. Space guys with silly noses and weird laughs trying to taking over the world may sound like a good time, but it is not. It's not fun at all; it's just tiring. The worst part: there's this sound effect that repeats endlessly on Krankor's spaceship. As there are about 5 hours of scenes on that set, we get to hear "Wee, wee, wee, wee, woo, wooo, wooooooo." repeat around 7.5 billion times. Arrggg!

The riffing didn't help in the least. All the guys have are a bagful of crappy Japanese jokes. Super-violent porn, weird seafood, Godzilla... yeah, yeah. I also have no idea what the "I like that very much" thing was about. Did I miss someone in the movie saying that or is this a reference to some bit of late-'90s pop culture trivia I've forgotten? Also, Crow, what the hell was this: "Yeah, I need those guys like I need another one inch weiner."?

Luckily, the host segments were great this time around. The "getting trapped in a wormhole" idea is perfect for playing around with the show. We got to see Mike, Crow and Servo out of time-sync with each other in rather Lynchian segment. Mike trades places with his alternate universe self, who happens to be a robot/puppet that the robots can't take seriously in the second wormhole segment. In the last and strangest, the SOL turns into a Minnesotan forest. It was quite disconcerting to see Mike and the bots in a woods. Location shooting with MST3K? Who'd'a thunk?

"I'm gon' mess you up. Uh." (6/10)

film d. EijirĂ´ Wakabayashi (1959)
mst d. Kevin Murphy (16 Aug 1997)