12 March 2007

MST3K (811)

811 - Parts: The Clonus Horror - I like this movie on its own. It's one of those bleak, 70s sci-fi flicks like Soylent Green or Silent Running. Yeah, it was clumsy with its moral message. Sure, all of the "good" characters made some incredibly stupid choices at the end of the film. It's still got that neat dystopian feel that I like. I've got the plagiarized modernization coming in the mail from Netflix. I can't wait to compare them.

"Thanks to Ms. Taylor's fourth grade class for transcribing our secret clone notes." The riffing is still strong in this episode. I always like when the pick up on a bit of minutia from the film and run with it. This time, it was the repeated "smoking crotch" riffs for Richard-Clone. Based on a poorly composed shot of him laying next to a smoldering camp fire, the guys created an entirely new venereal disease for him to suffer from.

The host segments are becoming more and more useless. It was slightly amusing to see Mike, Bridget and Paul pretend to be Dorf/children for one segment. For the entire episode, it began to grate more than your typical Edith Ann bit. There's only so many times I feel like watching Bobo get hit in the nuts by Paul's baseball.

The segments are also defanging the potential evil of Pearl. Instead of the full force of her evil being wielded towards the SOL, she keeps getting distracted. If she isn't replaced by a docile pod, she's being forced to play Candyland with space children. Let the lady be free, man.

"Can't smoke chocolate. I know that now." (8/10)

film d. Robert S. Fiveson (1979)
mst d. Kevin Murphy (7 Jun 1997)