20 March 2007

MST3K (817)

817 - The Horror of Party Beach - In rubber-suited, googly-eyed appearance, maybe the titular horrors weren't very special. Their back-story, however, was quite cool. Toxic waste spills around the sunken bones of a sailor. Using the skeleton as a plan and the surrounding sea life as material, this radioactive goo creates a sort of simulacrum of a man made of sea urchins and plankton and the like. I think Del Tenney may just have a case against Alan Moore here. Unfortunately, instead of pondering its place in the universe and discovering that it is some kind of bipedal protector of The Blue, it runs around with some friends and kills teenagers. Speaking of, man, these horrors rack up a teen body count that would put Freddy himself to shame.

Kevin Murphy plays the Roman Callipygeas... Greek for pretty butt. Eww.

I could see the host segment song about sodium coming as soon as it was mentioned in the movie. It's just something the show is going to sing about. It wasn't one of the show's better songs. In an effort to mimic the inane lyrics of the band featured in the movie, the MST "Sodium" song was just the word sodium repeated over and over. I liked the geeky band costumes, though.

"That's a female buttocks, Gary. I don’t see the connection. " (7/10)

film d. Del Tenney (1963)
mst d. Michael J. Nelson (6 Sep 1997)