28 March 2007

MST3K (P!2)

Poopie! II - The first blooper video must have sold well (did the infomercial help?), as this one arrived just two years later. It's a bit strange that it covers just seasons 7 and 8, sort of straddling the Comedy Central-Sci-Fi Channel divide. Watch as Crow's voice changes from Trace to Bill and back again! Also thrown into the mix are a few specials from that era. Here's a listing of what is included.

This one probably should've been renamed some variant of "whiz it down your leg," as this seems to be the favored replacement for "oh, poopie!" when someone messed up. BBI has also decided to censor the word "shit" this time around. Complaints from parents about the first tape's salty language, maybe?

One blooper felt out of place, or at least in need of further explanation. In 701, Pearl makes Dr. F play the trombone for her. As he's playing in the background, Mary Jo bangs on the bell of the instrument with a ruler really hard. You can hear Trace grunt in pain, but he gamely tries to finish the scene. He eventually has to give up as a stream of blood gushes from his lacerated lips. "Ugh, sorry... bleeding..." Not exactly a knee-slapper of a blooper. An epilogue would've been appreciated, presumably showing Mary Jo profusely apologizing, or Trace making a joke or saying "poopie" or something. Something to lighten it up. Else, this should've been left out. I wonder if it's in the truncated version of P!2 that's on the official 514 DVD?

"Am I Claytoning too loud? Is that distracting you?" (7/10)

mst d. Jim Mallon & Trace Beaulieu & Kevin Murphy & Michael J. Nelson (Holiday 1997)

[update: I just fast-forwarded through the edited version. They left the bleeding bit in, much to my surprise. Based on this list of scenes in the original edit, here's what has been cut out of the Vol. 10 DVD version (29/41 clips removed):

  • (820) Space Mutiny (seg. 5)--Bill flubs line
  • (814) Riding With Death (seg. 1)--Mary Jo cracks up
  • (703) Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell (seg. 2)--Crow's eyes get stuck
  • (819) Invasion of the Neptune Men (seg. 1)--Kevin flubs line twice, Jeff not ready 3rd time
  • (705) Escape 2000 (seg. 1)--Tom's head falls off
  • (821) Time Chasers (seg. 5)--Crow's eyes fall out
  • (810) The Giant Spider Invasion (seg. 5)--Crow flubs fall after punch
  • (802) Leech Woman (seg. 2)--Mike flubs line
  • (I01) Infomercial --Mike flubs line
  • (S04) Summer Blockbuster Review--Mary Jo cracks up
  • (809) I was a Teenage Werewolf (seg. 5)--Mary Jo flubs line
  • (808) The She Creature (seg. 1)--Mary Jo cracks up
  • (802) Leech Woman (seg. 5)--Kevin flubs line
  • (I01) Infomercial --Kevin flubs line
  • (817) Horror of Party Beach (seg. 3)--Bill's hood hides face
  • (816) Prince of Space (seg. 1)--Bill can't pull back rope
  • (814) Riding With Death (seg. 5)--medal falls off ribbon
  • (810) The Giant Spider Invasion (seg. 5)--Mike flubs line
  • (805) The Thing that Couldn't Die (seg. 1)--Bill flubs line
  • (701a) Night of the Blood Beast (seg. 5)--Kevin flubs line
  • (701a) Night of the Blood Beast (seg. 5)--laughing at hairball; Trace cracks up
  • (801) The Revenge of the Creature (seg. 5)--Mary Jo cracks up
  • (701) Night of the Blood Beast (seg. 1)--Crow loses trombone
  • (702) The Brute Man (seg. 4)--Crow gets turned around
  • (I01) Infomercial --Mike flubs line
  • (804) The Deadly Mantis (seg. 1)--Mike flubs line
  • (808) The She Creature (seg. 3)--Mary Jo cracks up
  • (703) Deathstalker & Warriors from Hell (seg. 4)--Trace, then Mary Jo crack up
  • (813) Jack Frost (seg. 1)--Bill flubs line
Lots of "Mary Jo cracks up" has been cut, which probably helps the flow of the video a bit. It's disappointing to see all of the bits from Turkey Day '95 removed, though.]