11 February 2007

MST3K (P!1)

Poopie! - I laughed more during this reel than I did during all of season 6's host segments. It's a compilation of 103 bloopers from seasons 2-6 (plus Little Gold Statue Preview Special). They alternate very well between Joel, Mike and Deep 13 clips, so we never get stuck on one thing for too long. It's great that Kevin and Trace always continue to move the bots' mouth even as they screw up. Here's a listing of what is included.

I was little surprised they let the word "shit" go uncensored on the tape. Given the show's sort-of clean-cut presentation and its large kid audience, it's was a little strange. I guess they figured only adults would be nutty enough to order this tape from the Info Club. They did censor the word "fuck," so I guess there was some thought into this on BBI's part.

Other than that, there's nothing else to say. It's the cast screwing up over and over. It's funny. I laughed.

"Ah, shit. Shit. I couldn't think... my brain locked up!" (8/10)

mst d. Jim Mallon & Kevin Murphy & Trace Beaulieu & Joel Hodgson (Spring 1995)