05 February 2007

MST3K (622)

622 - Angels Revenge - The movie was a nice change of pace. We've been stuck in the '50s and '60s for quite some time and we haven't had a movie that was supposed to be funny on its own since Catalina Caper. It was entertaining. It probably helped that I'm a heterosexual male and didn't object too strenuously to the tight jumpsuits and jiggling flesh. Which was all good, as the riffing wasn't anything to write home about again. With Jack Palance in this film, I wasn hoping for some of that old Outlaw magic, but it wasn't to be.

This episode had another of the "Crow Writes a Script" host segments, but it was a disappointment. Everyone was dressed completely funkified in order to read from Crow's newest, Chocolate Jones and the Temple of Funk. I was hoping the cast was going get into some solid blaxploitation dialogue. You know, they could have a little fun with it. Instead, Mike reads one line -- "Girl, don't fink on soul brother" (a reference to Frank's line in a host segment from 209 that appears numerous times in the upcoming Poopie! video) -- declares himself not funky enough and that's about it. Lame.

The rest of the host segments were similarly useless. The Mads dress as '70s sports figures. Meh. Crow and Servo -- way out of character, I think -- kill Mike for imitating The Fonz. Maybe they were confused and this was supposed to be a Frank and Dr. F sketch? Aaron Spelling's mansion flies by in the following segment, which lacked any kind of payoff. The final segment's "Shame-o-Meter" was a bit retro for the show. That was something Joel would've invented. It was mildly amusing. Joel would've used way more clips from the movie and made it into a montage, though. Man, I can't remember the last episode with a host segment to actually make me laugh.

"In the '70s, you could take an abstract concept like 'shining your love' and just go with it." (6/10)

film d. Greydon Clark (1978)
mst d. Trace Beaulieu (11 Mar 1995)