03 February 2007

MST3K (620)

620 - Danger!! Death Ray - This film suffers from a terrible lack of Sean Connery's little brother. And a lack of plot coherence. And a lack of, strangely, dialogue. And what the hell kind of name is "Bart Fargo" for a super spy? C'mon.

"You know, they were going to call this Danger!! Wall-Mounted Guns, but it wasn't a very good title." I really liked all of the wall-mounted gun riffs at the end of the movie. Those were well-written, fun and filled in the long, dialogue-free stretch. Other than that, I didn't laugh at all during this episode. The host segments were mostly useless again, too. The bit in the prologue with Crow's extremely contact lens-distressed eyes was disturbing. I liked it. Everything else barely rated a smile. A quintessential "blah" episode."

I noticed that the Frank was given a new credit in this episode. He's listed under Mike's "Head Writer" credit as "Script Consultant." I wonder if this was an effort to keep Frank on? He's leaving in four episodes. Maybe he hadn't made the decision to take off yet and the guys at BBI were trying to sway him their way? Throwing him a fancy title -- maybe a pay raise -- apparently wasn't enough, unfortunately.

"I gotta get a bigger body closet." (6/10)

film d. Gianfranco Baldanello [as Frank G. Carroll] (1967)
mst d. Kevin Murphy (7 Jan 1995)