08 February 2007

MST3K (623)

623 - The Amazing Transparent Man (w/ The Days of Our Years) - Crow pinned to a giant piece of Styrofoam and spread eagle to world is the image from this episode I'll take with me. Finally, a host segment that got my attention! Crow makes for a beautiful Crowtus Robotus horriblis butterfly and looks utterly pathetic squeezed into an enormous bell jar.

The Days of Our Years is the second education short from our friends at Union Pacific Railroad. It's not as good as Last Clear Chance. It's actually a bummer, despite the funny commenting going on. Wives doomed to support neckless freaks, old men imaging their neighbors hate them because they pull down the shades and blow torches in the eyes make for this fun-filled festival of folly. "Gentle pressure!"

Frank's joy over getting to see Squanto: A Warrior's Tale was a joke that was probably out-of-date by the time this episode aired. Apparently, it was a movie that immediately bombed at the box office back in 1994. I don't remember it all. I suppose it's funny seeing Frank get on his knees and do his best Wrath of Khan by shouting the name of the movie he wouldn't be seeing.

The movie itself I'm afraid I can already barely remember. I immediately began to fight off the dozes as soon as the AIP logo came up. My impression was that it was a typical "Mad Scientist in a House and There's Something About Nuclear Radiation" movie from the '50s. I don't remember there being really that much transparency involved at all.

"So his name is Joe Joe?" (6/10)

film d. Edgar G. Ulmer (1959)
short d. Allen H. Miner (1955)
mst d. Kevin Murphy (18 Mar 1995)