10 February 2007

MST3K (624)

624 - Samson vs. the Vampire Women - I've always wanted to see a Santo movie. I'm completely in favor of a super hero who's also a professional wrestler. Sounds like a great idea to me. Unfortunately, this was a pretty boring film. Most of it is reminiscent of a bad Universal horror movie, with vampires in basement crypts filled with cobwebs. Santo doesn't even show up until the middle of the movie and it takes him even longer to get to the wrestling. His wrestling was fun, thought the photography of it was terrible. It's hard to top a match between a national hero and a werewolf-vampire. Still, not a good movie. Can anyone recommend a good Santo movie to check out?

"Ah, I see the spanking service has arrived." Finally, I got to laugh out loud at the riffing. It's been a while. Though not stellar, the guys had a decent amount of funny comments for the silver-masked wrestler and his vampire enemies. "It's a vampire wilding!"

The tongue on Servo's hotdog that was licking him... that's just weird. Torgo the White = Torgo + Jack Perkins? Spooky.

Frank's last word: "uck-ah-yooh." Frank's departure might not have been as traumatic as Joel's, but, unlike Joel and with apologies to Brain Guy and Bobo, he was never successfully replaced. Both Joel and Frank brought a certain childlike quality to their work on the show that I'm going to miss. Even though his character only got a handful of minutes of screen time per episode, he was very endearing. I'd vote for him as the most likable character to have appeared on the show. MST3K without out its big, dumb, easy-going teddy bear isn't going to be the same.

"There are no bum knees in my world, child." (7/10)

film d. Alfonso Corona Blake (1962)
mst d. Jim Mallon (25 Mar 1995)