15 February 2007

MST3K (TD95)

Turkey Day '95 - After two years of non-BBI-produced Turkey Day bumpers, we finally get the real deal. Wisely, the crew went back to the best Turkey Day ever -- '91 -- for their inspiration. Once again, Dr. F hosts a turkey dinner (due to some invitations sent out by Frank before he died). The guests this year are Pearl Forrester from 607, Jack Perkins from 310, Pitch from 521, Mr. B from 319, Michael Feinstein from 312, and Kitten With a Whip from 615. Crow also manages to make it down to Deep 13 to join the meal. Overall, a much better guest list than we saw in '91. I especially loved Jack hitting on Mr. B.

Interspersed between the bumpers, there are tons of short promotional bits created by BBI. These 10-second snips feature Trace, Kevin, Mike, Jim and others from the company hawking various MST3K products or talking about their feelings on the current episode in the marathon. It's some fun behind-the-scenes stuff. In these, there's the only glimpse of the lost short Mylar: What is it to You? that was to be included on the canceled CD-ROM. These bits also pump up the not-yet-released movie, the upcoming second convention, MST Hour and the episode guide book. I have a feeling all of this time spent on promotion was a part of the deal they made with Comedy Central in order to produce the bumpers this year.

The selection of episodes in the marathon -- though the fewest of any of the Turkey Days -- was excellent. Other than the awful The Skydivers, every choice is a winner:

23 Nov 1995
09:00 106 - The Crawling Hand
11:30 424 - Manos: The Hands of Fate
13:30 512 - Mitchell
15:30 519 - Outlaw
17:30 609 - The Skydivers
19:30 612 - The Starfighters
21:30 Poopie Parade of Values
22:00 701 - Night of the Blood Beast

Goodbye, Turkey Day. Though I didn't sit through all of the episodes in the marathons, I've always enjoyed the bumpers that came in between. They show the warmth and fun of the show... and they were a good excuse for me to pig-out on delivery food. It's hard to beat a belly-full of food and some MST3K.

"Sir, allow me to kiss you." (7/10)

mst d. Jim Mallon (23 Nov 1995)