05 April 2007

MST3K (904)

904 - Werewolf - All of the main characters speaking like Valaria was a good omen. I couldn't tell you what the plot of Werewolf was and I don't care. This is a classically great bad movie. Incomprehensible, low-budget, terrible on both a technical and artistic level and starring an Estevez. You don't need much more than that.

"I replaced my toes with grapes." The guys seemed to have more fun in this episode than they've had in a while. The riffing was nice-n-goofy and consistently got me laughing loudly. I'm not usually too big of a fan of the "point out the technical flaws of the filmmakers" brand of riffing, but -- probably because this film was so incredibly ineptly constructed -- it worked in this episode. Pointing out the changing werewolf masks, the impossibly bad audio for dialog, the don't-give-a-damn composition and utter lack of direction in the plot was worth some laughs.

The host segments were surprisingly lively as well. Mike whimsically scales a long ladder from Earth's orbit, only to find himself climbing through the ceiling Castle Forrester. The "drawings slideshow"-style segment makes a return in the following segment, with Servo and Mike displaying portraits of people they'd cast in a werewolf movie. The show gets slightly self-reflexive when Crow bows out. He just can't think of anything for this latest slideshow. More self-reflexiveness follows when, after singing their first song of the season, the guys seem a bit weirded out with themselves. Sitting there, dressed as 1950s teenage girls, singing about a werewolf getting into a fatal car accident... I suppose they should be. Mike dressed as a werecrow? Great stuff. (And, I just knew Mike would replace Jack Perkins for James Lipton someday)

"Weasels ripped my flesh again." (9/10)

film d. Tony Zarindast (1995)
mst d. Kevin Murphy (18 Apr 1998)