13 April 2007

MST3K (908)

908 - The Touch of Satan - "All the actors drink a quart of Robitussin before shooting?" You know, I kind of liked the pacing of the movie. It was slower than Sleep with about as much happening. I found it relaxing. It has this breeze-through-leaves, cool summer day vibe going on. I liked the fact that Luthor and Molly (the "parents") were never explained. Were they just random farmers? Maybe they were Melissa's children from 50 years ago? This is also, possibly, the only pro-witch burning movie of which I've ever seen or heard. If the village mob had only done their job properly, crazy grandma wouldn't have gotten to pitchfork/meathook anyone a century later. Slackers.

"She's gonna go buy a whole bunch of Procter & Gamble products." There were plenty of funny lines filled in the extended pauses in the dialogue. The filmmaker's bizarre choice to set the action on a walnut farm (?) led to some fun riffing. Mike and the bots wondered how many head of walnuts the ranch had, warn the main character not to spook them, and marveled at how much hay they required.

I wonder where Mary Jo was during this episode? Were the guys giving Beez a try-out to see if she'd work as the main antagonist of the host segments? Or, was Mary Jo just on vacation and this was all they could think of as a fill-in? Neat as Beez may be, I don't think I could take 1.5 more seasons of babysitter shtick. I feel more comfortable with the MST-standard mad scientist.

"Oh, and an extra dollar for the aliens in my head." (8/10)

film d. Tom Laughlin [as Don Henderson] (1971)
mst d. Kevin Murphy (11 Jul 1998)