17 May 2007


The Last Dance - Raw - And raw it is. This is just Jim's camcorder footage of the shooting of 1013. While we get to see tons of Best Brains that we've never seen before (interns closing the theater doors from behind the set, the famous lunch service, etc.), it's also quite tedious at times. It's a Poopie 3 made of just one episode. See Bill flub a line! See him flub it again! And again! See Kevin call cut!

In other words, it could've used some editing to become "slightly cooked." Cut it down, add in some interviews with the cast after they've wrapped and this would've been a nice little documentary about the end of an era. Instead, it feels more like a post-cancellation cash-in.

It was on the right track when it was behind-the-scenes. Showing Kevin being encased in a monkey mask or him expertly threading a new head on a Servo puppet were the most interesting types of bits. Take after take of host segments I've just seen… not so much.

And, is this what I think it is?

Around the 1 hour mark in the tape, it sounds like -- under his breath but still caught by the camera microphone -- Jim says "show your chest" to Beez (who has her back to him). Am I hearing it wrong? Maybe it was someone else in the background giving instructions to one of the actors on set? If not -- yeesh.

"Special thanks to Eli for being in the trench" (6/10)

mst d. Jim Mallon (Holiday 1999)