08 May 2007

MST3K (1008)

1008 - Final Justice - It wasn't Mitchell, but it wasn't for lack of trying by the crew. They even brought back a riff from that infamous episode: "I'm so confused and hungry" (in addition to the numerous out of breath / hungry / heart attack riffs similar to those in 512). For some reason, this episode wasn't quite as funny as that previous Joe Don outing. Perhaps Joe Don's character isn't quite as funny as Mitchell? His Texas sheriff doesn't yell at any kids, toe himself a beer while having sex with a prostitute or parade about in a variety of bad '70s suits.

I actually enjoyed this film on its own. I think throwing a none-too-smart, ultra-violent Texas policeman into a European country was a concept worth exploring. Joe Don was an excellent casting choice to play said none-too-smart, trigger-happy lawman. Seeing him run around a tiny island country acting like a jackass was fun.

I betcha the crew got more hatemail from Malta than they did from Canada. Hehe: "…witless, tight-shirted clouds of B.O." and "…puking hairy-necked freaks" indeed.

"If I die, I want to be buried next to the Sizzler." (7/10)

film d. Greydon Clark (1984)
mst d. Kevin Murphy (20 Jun 1999)