14 May 2007

MST3K (1011)

1011 - Horrors of Spider Island - Hey, a werespider. Never seen one of them before. Kinda looks like a really blocky guy wearing monkey gloves and a discarded wolfman mask. Even worse, in long shots it kinda just looks like a guy without a shirt on. Ah well, the titular horrors were not really the point of the movie, were they? Ahem. Titular. *cough*

"Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh… I'm impotent." I still have the sense that the riffing is slowing down in these final few episodes. This episode was funnier than the last, but only a little. But, at least we got a Torgo reference ("He has Torgo area."). Been a while for one of those. And, fortunately for the show, Crow's favorite website nakedwrestlinggiantesses.com doesn't exist (yet). Phew.

Wow, a late-era Sci-Fi host segment that I actually enjoyed quite a bit… and it involved the Castle Forrester crew? Impossible! Yes, Mike imitating manly man Gary from the movie, using his uncrossed and crossed legs to judge the dance performances of the earnest Bobo, Brain Guy and Pearl, got some good laughing out of me. Yeesh, Brain Guy is not a handsome woman at all. That bra strap… *shudder*

"All right, now watch how a man screams in horror." (7/10)

film d. Fritz Böttger [as Jaime Nolan] (1960)
mst d. Michael J. Nelson (25 Jul 1999)