05 July 2006

Guest MST3K: 112

Untamed Youth. A gritty cautionary tale about hardcore criminal teenyboppers and the cotton picking industry. I don't doubt for a second that life of forced work for the criminally inclined is filled with rousing song numbers and vicious cat fights, but I wondered about the sign in the women's dorm urging the young ladies to "Sleep in your own bed". Was unauthorized same gender bedhopping a big problem for lockups in the mid 50's? Still, the title was a bit of a mystery to me, since the adults were much more out of control than the fun loving, dancing singing convicts.

The host segments seemed mediocre to me. Tom's "tape worm" was amusing enough, but the invention exchange was forgettable. Still, the mad's getting a little carried away with the congratulatory hugging at Joel's "praise" of them creating the most unsanitary children's toy was good for a laugh. The tribute to Greg Brady was also done well enough, but it seemed a bit a of a strain to connect it with the movie. I didn't care for the flashback about seeing Gypsy's thoughts, though I did like the magnifying faceplace Joel was wearing. And poor Gypsy! Barfing up cotton and whatever Tom suggested.

The theater segements seemed a bit weak to me compared to some of the other episodes I've seen. Still it was nice to see Gypsy make an appearance, and I really can't resist seeing Joel get up and dance.

3 Favorite riffs:

(An Untamed Youth stumbles across a desolate field)
It looks like he's playing football against Claude Raimes University.

(Heat stroked blond is placed into the refreshing shade of a car's interior)
Now, roll the windows up!

(Janie explains to the judge's son "Penny's just a sucker for a line."
Oh, really?

(Penny busts out in song. Again.)
She's the one that caused all that trouble in Attica."

(An untamed youth is asked to translate something from Spanish, as they hide behind a tractor.) He's mumbling something about shooting the kid hiding behind the tractor.