03 July 2006

MST3K (109)

109 - Project Moon Base (w/ Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter Seven: Camouflaged Destruction + Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter Eight: The Enemy Planet) - Ah, great, another double-dose of Commando Trashcan Head. I can tell that JatB are getting as tired of the guy as I am at this point. At least this is forcing them to come up with different things to do during the repetitively identical credits, including making up goofy songs. The "dying every week" gag is just wearing thin. Maybe this is why we have ads in front of our movies instead of serials?

The double-dose was again used to pad the extra-short sci-fi movie that followed. What a fascinating glimpse into the confused gender relations of the 1950s Project Moon Base is. This aspect alone made the movie hilariously interesting to watch. Riffing was just icing on the cake.

You've got a female USSF officer who was the first person ever to make an orbit around the moon. That's impressive. Then we learned this was just because she didn't weigh as much as a man, so it was more fuel-efficient to send her. Ah-hmm. But, we learned she's a colonel and in charge of the mission to photograph the far side of the moon with two men under her. That's nifty. Then we watch as she attributes a bout of indecision to her gender while her male subordinate essentially takes charge. Hmm. Hey, the President of the United States is calling and it's a lady! That's forward-thinking. Oh, she's calling to congratulate the space-couple's forced marriage due to the fact that an unmarried man and woman spending ten days in space alone wouldn't sit well with the public. Ah well.

Fast-talking, colorful and funny, I loved the Spacom! infomercial/host segment. I had my credit card out and ready to go... no toll-free 800 number? (6/10)

film d. Richard Talmadge (1953)
shorts d. Fred C. Brannon (1952)
mst p. Jim Mallon (20 Jan 1990?)

[watched half on mom's TV, half on a laptop when her crappy DVD player puked out on the less-than-well-made DVD-R, uploaded using a 26.4 kpbs modem connection. Whew.]