08 July 2006

MST3K (111)

111 - Moon Zero Two - Perhaps I had one too many beers last night, as I couldn't keep my eyes open for this one. There was a lot of rewinding that needed to be done. My impression is that Moon Zero Two was probably originally a script named Ranch Nada Dos prior to 21 July 1969. Just replace the Old West's desert with a barren lunar surface and a goldmine with a sapphire-laced asteroid and you're cashing in on 69's moon fever. Strangely, despite it being the future, the protagonists pull out an antique 1969 National Geographic map of the moon to navigate with. Damn, the Nat. Geo. people are good.

I liked the reenactment of the moon landing the guys perform. Joel's probably got the worst JFK impression ever. As Crow says, he sounds like Cliff from Cheers.

After a long absence, Gypsy's back! They fixed her noisy mouth and they remembered to turn her eye/light on. Good deal. She's still extremely stupid at this point and seems like more of a pet than a bot (as Joel demonstrates by lovingly scratching her chin). For this appearance, she just repeats her Richard Basehart joke again.

Outside of that, I don't remember too much. There were a lot of scenes with space-ladies dancing in space-leotards. There were a lot of jokes about drinking rocket fuel. The bad guy was the archetypical villain with beard and monocle. The multi-colored space suits made me wonder why NASA doesn't throw some style into their own suits.

I'll need to watch this one again. I suspect I'll like it better if my eyes stay open the entire time. (6/10)

film d. Roy Ward Baker (1969)
mst p. Jim Mallon (3 Feb 1990?)

[watched at Brother-in-Law's house using an Xbox 360]