11 July 2006

MST3K (112)

112 - Untamed Youth - I want to commit a crime in that county. Sure, you have to eat dog food for lunch and work in a cotton field all day, but it's hard to beat a prison in which you get to party all night with a group of ladies lead by Mamie Van Doren. The really bad proto-rock-n-roll might be hard to sit though, though.

For the first time since the KTMA days, Joel does an "Oh, wow..." I love those; the goofy Joel equivalent of a wolf whistle. This time, it's when the two newest, prettiest convicts tell Tropp they're sisters.

"Gee, you mean it, Grandma? What does Uncle Dad think about that?" Ah man, this line of Crow's had me laughing hearty. Nothing like an out-of-the-blue inbreeding joke for a farm picture.

I dug the Greg Brady tribute host segment. I especially liked Joel's impassioned line delivery. This is the first time the guys really tore into the appearance of one of the movie characters. She did look a little like Greg. An unfortunately hair style choice, I think. In the invention exchange, we get Joel's second smoking-related invention, which I suppose fits into all of the previous fire-spewing inventions. We get another Richard Basehart joke in middle host segment, but that's made-up for with the very first Servo clone in the final segment, courtesy of Gypsy's mouth replicator.

This was also a strangely timely movie to watch today. There's a shortage off cotton pickers in the film. A neighboring ranch can't find enough people to work the fields and figure they'll have to plow under most of their crop. For a large cut of the profit, bad guy Tropp offers to get their field picked. In order to do that, Tropp attempts to hire a bunch of illegal workers from Mexico. Things haven't changed a bit in the past 49 years. Today on the radio and web, I kept hearing about the Florida orange crop. It seems there aren't enough orange pickers this year and the fruit is about to start rotting on the tree.

Overall, a solid episode. The guys are really getting into the swing of things. (7/10)

film d. Howard W. Koch (1957)
mst p. Jim Mallon (10 Feb 1990?)