26 June 2006

Guest MST3K: 107

Oh yes, Robot Monster. I remember watching this episode when it aired on the Comedy Channel back in the day. I recall thinking that this was one of the most ponderous, dreary, ridiculous wastes of cinema space I had ever seen. I wasn't really in a big hurry to watch it again even Mistied, to be honest. Still, it had been years since I've seen this episode, and I decided to watch with as open a mind as possible.

Well, it was dreadful as I remembered. I wasn't all that tired when I started to watch this episode, but I felt exhausted just a few minutes into it (the double serving of Cody didn't help matters any). Even the Billion Bubble Machine (properly mentioned in the credits) and the inexplicable scenes of alligators with fans taped to their backs wrestling one another just can't save a movie that features a fat guy in a gorilla suit wearing a diving helmet. Worse, the movie seems to take itself seriously!

In the first segment, Joel pretty much explains the premise of the show. I haven't seen many of the season 1 episode for several years, and I don't recall if he did this alot in the first season. Made me wonder if they were getting a bunch of "what the heck are you doing?! " letters. The invention exchange didn't really grab me this time around. I did laugh at the segment where Servo threatens to kill Joel Ro-man style, only to be whacked a couple of times with a chair. Those robots pals sure end up taking alot of abuse!

I also liked how JatBs started out complaining about the repetitious nature of the Cody shorts. And they got two of them this episode! No wonder the robots tried to escape during the second short.

All in all, not my favorite episode. I was dead drained tired when I got done watching it. At least I got a good night's sleep from it!

My 3 favorite riffs:
(during a lab fight)
I told you, we're not going to round pi to 4!

Claudia Barret from the comedy team "Grin and Barret"

(a scene shows the Billion Bubble Machine doing its Bubble Thing)
We're only up to half a billion bubbles so far. I've been counting.