05 June 2006

MST3K (K14)

K14 - Mighty Jack - (aka Maitei Jyakku: "Episode 1" + Maitei Jyakku: "Episode 13") You have to wonder how well these things are translated. Maybe Sandy Frank was just Farking with people? The evil bad guys capture some "VIP" named Atari and think they can trade him for the mighty Mighty Jack? Was that really the plan? The German guy Fritz was really supposed to be the Japanese guy's son? The freeze gun creates ice that "never melts"?

Not a terribly exciting movie. There's some cool scenes involving missiles exploding on an Arctic secret base. There's a hilarious, oft-repeated shot of Ernst Blofeld's Japanese counterpart maniacally laughing with his kitty. Outside of that, I only remember endless scenes of people holding other people hostage with guns and freeze rays.

Better riffing would've helped ease the pain. The riffing in this episode was a bit sparse and not much of it hit my funny bone. Hopefully, all of those missed opportunities will be caught in 314. Though, you have to grin when Crow mentions that one of the characters looks like Frank Conniff. There's a joke no one would've ever gotten had Josh not quit later on. (4/10)

film d. Kazuko Mitsoti (1968)
mst p. Jim Mallon (26 Feb 1989)