22 June 2006

MST3K (102)

102 - The Robot vs the Aztec Mummy (w/ Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter One: Moon Rocket) - "Where the hell is the robot?" I kept asking myself for nigh 90 minutes. Finally, with less than ten minutes to go, the robot is revealed. The human-headed, kneeless freak is taken to the crypt where the Aztec mummy sleeps. There, they do what appears to be a bad waltz. Five seconds later, the mummy tears the robot apart. What a tease, the title of this movie is! Where's my lawyer?

Speaking of teasing, after a month of seeing them in the credits of the KTMA episodes, the Demon Dogs finally make an appearance. I guess I'm not a fan. I'd rather that they hadn't occupied every single host segment. JatB even repeat one gag in two different segments (a robot gets silly-stringed / peed on by the dogs). I was surprised and I thought it was pretty cool when one of the dogs shows up suddenly in the theater to chase JatB out at the end of the movie.

We also had the first short ever in this ep. I liked Commando Cody (did they mean Commander? Commando's not really a title or a first name, is it?). His flying effects were better than George Reeves' and he gets to do battle with portly moon men. Though, JatB were correct: the man looks to be wearing a trashcan on his head.

The riffing is much improved over 101 and I found myself chuckling just as much as I'd expect to during the course of a regular cable episode. They’re settled in their new pad now, so it must have been easier to concentrate on just the humor this time. (6/10)

film d. Rafael Portillo & Manuel San Fernando (1958)
short d. Fred C. Brannon (1952)
mst p. Jim Mallon (9 Dec 1989?)