04 June 2006

MST3K (K13)

K13 - SST- Death Flight - Good movie, terrible episode. This is a perfect example of the type of movie not to pick for an MST3K episode. For one, the movie was actually good. It was tense, well-acted and contained an interesting moral quandary. I found it entirely engrossing. Such films you would not generally deem MST fodder. As well, the movie was very dialogue-heavy. Whenever JatB would attempt a riff, they would inevitably talk over the movie characters. Worse, rather than seeking a laugh from them, I found this annoying and wished they'd stop. For the first time ever, I was more interested in what the movie characters were saying than any jokes JatB had to offer. There was also not much for them to make fun of. The best they could do was mention the past or future jobs of the largely TV show-based cast. But, I liked seeing Ginger, the Penguin, Q, Mr. Brady and that game show host guy acting together.

The first host segment was bizarre. There was something off about Trace's delivery. I kept waiting for Dr. F to deliver the punch line after winning all of that money. I thought he might be mad with Dr. E for encouraging him to go out with a transvestite in the last episode. I was expecting him to do something to Dr. E in the TV's Frank-style of torture. It wasn't so. It was just weird and not funny.

We did get the first batch of Still Store letters, which means the voicemail thing is likely dead forever. Ah well. Letters are cute in their own way. (5/10)

film d. David Lowell (1977)
mst p. Jim Mallon (19 Feb 1989)