15 June 2006

Guest MST3K: K19

Hangar 18. Kojack and a Dick Van Patten look alike take on a government conspiracy regarding aliens. I just gotta love a movie that features NASA's state of the art Pong technology.

I had to deal with another annoying glitch with another of my DVDs, this one with the sound randomly fading out for a half seconds time. Not often enough to keep me from following the action, just a bit jarring. I did get my copies on the cheap, so I guess it's not that surprising. Perhaps one day when I am richer I'll see if I can upgrade to better copies. This episode also made me wonder how much did the guys know about the movie before hand in these early days? Joel comments that made for TV movies look different, Josh corrects him that it wasn't. This sounded like a real exchange of information to me rather than a joke of some kind.

So, was this the shortest first host segment ever? Joel says the name of the movie and dashes into movie sign. I did like learning in the second segment that Joel's left handed, like me! Too bad the video was random freezing frequently now making it hard to follow the dialog. I did catch that Joel was trying to explain to Crow why it would be bad if Joel suffocates. "No more mid mornings pleasure stimulations."? "Get my belt!"? Life on the SOL was different before they went to cable, I guess. I wonder who the lucky sap who becomes the 1000th fan club member and wins the demon dog is. I guess we'll find out in the next episode.

Favorite riffs:

(Some guy at NASA asks astronauts if they have checked their LX switches.)
Crow: Hey Joel, did you check our LX switches?
(long pause)
Servo: Joel?
Joel: Ya?
Servo: Did you?
Joel: No.
Servo: Uh-oh.

(General Morrison: What do you got?
Pilot: I- I don't know!)
Servo: Rabies.

(screen shows shots of earth the aliens have taken)
Crow: Great alien holiday snaps.