30 June 2006

MST3K (108)

108 - The Slime People (w/ Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter Six: Hills of Death) - Something's probably really wrong if your horror movie is attempting to make the coming of the dew point a scary moment. This is not to say that fog can’t be spooky. I bet John Carpenter, Stephen King and Keiichiro Toyama have all seen this movie and said to themselves "Wow, it won't be hard to do better than that." The problem here is that the rubber-suited titular creatures required so much darned fog to look halfway decent that you could hardly see what was going on. The last twenty minutes of the movie are a blur or shapes and sounds, resembling what I imagine the world looks like to my wife before she puts her contacts in.

JatB were particularly off this week with the riffing, which made the movie harder to sit through. With ample bad acting and goofy monsters, I was expecting more. I actually cracked myself up by making my own mental riffs during JatB's many silent moments. I did laugh out loud at one line, courtesy of Joel, during Commando Trashcan Head: "There's nothing like being in a gunfight with 600 lbs. of high-test nitro rocket fuel on your back." So true, brother.

What was the deal with people jumping out of moving cars? It happened three (!) times in the Cody episode and once in the movie itself. Is that why no one wore seatbelts back then? (5/10)

film d. Robert Hutton (1963)
short d. Fred C. Brannon (1952)
mst p. Jim Mallon (13 Jan 1990?)