25 June 2006

MST3K (107)

107 - Robot Monster (w/ Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter Four: Flight to Destruction + Radar Men from the Moon, Chapter Five: Murder Car) - It took a post-apocalyptic, earth-conquering, cave-dwelling, bubble-obsessed monkey-robot to do it, but the guys hit their first one out of the park. There was more than enough material coming from the movie for JatB to work with, and they do. The dopy walking music they provide for the Ro-Man's numerous walking scenes was great. "They taste like chicken to each other" (twice) got an out loud laugh from both of us (twice). I think I'm going to need to buy the non-MST version of this film, just to see if it's as unbelievably weird as it was here.

The hosts segments were repeat-free, referred to the movie and were very funny. That's just the way I like 'em. The segment in which Joel bonks Servo over the head with a break-away chair was unexpected and slapstick-hilarious. Also great was the nonsense-filled surrealism sketch. "I've seen Dali paintings that make more sense than this movie."

The double-dose of Commando Trashcan Head was the only downer. The rocket-man series seems to be stalled and now involves repeated assaults on lab scientists. It'd have been nice to have more Monkey Robot-Head instead. Crow and I had some synergy again in the second short, though. "He flies better than Superman," he quips in "Murder Car." Hey, that's just what I said!

I've gotten ahead of schedule, so time for a break. It's Superman week, anyhoo. (8/10)

film d. Phil Tucker (1953)
shorts d. Fred C. Brannon (1952)
mst p. Jim Mallon (6 Jan 1990?)

[watched with Chef Gregory Jay]