08 June 2006

MST3K (K15)

K15 - Superdome - Crow nailed it: this TV movie about the Superbowl without any actual football in it is "a real snooze-fest." It's filled with melodrama about characters you never really care about and is paced painfully slow. A little editing could've really helped the latter problem, but I think the producers just needed to fill a 2-hour TV timeslot.

The end credits proudly declare that this movie was filmed on location in New Orleans, but you can hardly tell. There's an obligatory shot or two of Bourbon Street and the soundtrack is crammed full of New Orleans-style jazz, but most of the film takes place in a hotel. It could've been shot on any soundstage in Hollywood, for all we know. We do get some exterior and interior shots of the football-free Superdome. However, at this point in time, these just dredge up memories of recently witnessed human misery.

In the middle of the movie, after a long period of silence by JatB, Joel says "I just can't say anything funny about this." Yep. This is one of the episodes where the weakness of improvising all of the riffs while watching a movie for the very first time shows. They didn't score too many laugh with me this round at all, and you could feel the guys struggling to come up with stuff to say.

I liked the framing device for the host segments, in which Servo writes a letter (on a typewriter!) to his "uncle." I just wished they hadn't gotten lazy and used old segments from prior shows, though we do get a glimpse of one of the bits from a missing ep.

Speaking of missing bits, special thanks go out to Amethyst for preserving the final host segment of this show (nice drawing, by the way!). (4/10)

film d. Jerry Jameson (1978)
mst d. ?? (12 Mar 1989)