24 August 2008

TTT: Fertilize the Blaspheming Bombshell (1989)

Gotta be one of Troma's more extreme re-titlings. Though, believe it or not, this is taken from the movie. The head of the satanic cult declares that he's going to "fertilize this blaspheming slut" after capturing the main character. He also goes on to talk about his "hard-on of sin." And then he proceeds to remove the main character's pants shortly before she stabs him with his own sacrificial knife. This results in her escape, where she spends the next half hour running around the desert in her panties stabbing the crap out of every Satan worshiper she runs into. Part way through her murder spree she, of course, pauses to bathe in a waterfall.

All of this makes the movie sound far, far cooler than it really is. In practice, the above is less than a third of the film. The rest is the rather dull investigation of the main character into her twin sister's disappearance in Middle-of-Nowhere, Nevada coupled with some of the worst night shooting I've ever seen. Movie lights are expensive to rent, I get it.

aka Mark of the Beast
aka Triangle of Death
d. Jeff Hathcock