25 August 2008

TTT: Horror of the Hungry Humongous Hungan (1991)

Perhaps Troma's cruelest bait-and-switch to date. Not only does the movie have an exaggerated title promising an enormous monster with an empty belly, the picture and tagline on the video intensify the deception:

Wow! A giant monster with huge fangs eats bikini-clad ladies? Sign me up! Not so fast. No giant monster. No one in a bikini. No fangs. No one gets eaten. In fact, here's the monster and here's the character that wears the least amount of clothing:

Yes, yes it does. It does look like someone's grandma attacking that skinny guy.

But, I'm being too hard on the movie. Getting purchased by Troma was a fluke, I'm betting. This is one of those flicks shot on super 8 by a group of friends in a small town. Think Coven from American Movie. It has truly horrible acting, lighting, camera work, SFX, editing, etc, etc. Pretty much what you'd expect from some teenage/twenty-something filmmakers from Hershey, Pennsylvania. But, somehow, some way, they also managed to get Jack "I Crap Bigger Than You" Palance to read a 3-minute opening narration for them. Maybe he was a relative of someone? Owed one of their parents money? I dunno. It was probably enough for Troma to bite: "we've got a Jack Palance movie!"

I admire their accomplishment, even if I didn't enjoy watching most of it. So, I'll do 'em a solid. The film isn't in the IMDb yet, so I just submitted the movie to the admins (all 73 actors included). Can't wait to see this in Palance's credits.

P.S. Cry Wolf is the best rock and roll band in the history of the world!

aka The Hungan
d. Randall DiNinni