30 August 2008

TTT: Nightfall (1995)

This isn't a bad movie. That is, this isn't a bad-bad movie or a good-bad movie. It's relatively well-shot, lit, edited, acted and mic'd. I spotted no boom shadows; I was able to hear all of the dialogue; when the story shifted from Seattle to Salt Lake City, I was impressed when the license plates on the cars in the background changed. The story isn't great, but it follows a logical path from start to finish. What we got here, invading seven box sets full of truly bad movies, is a truly mediocre movie.

It tells the tale of an FBI agent tracking a serial killer. Turns out this killer he's been tracking for a decade is actually a vampire. A couple of dead partners later and he shoves a broken piece of picket fence through the vamp's chest. Cut to: a shot of one of the dead partners as a vampire and The End. Basically, it's the type of direct-to-video stuff you'd find playing on Cinemax at 2 a.m. It's alright for a distraction after a night of drinking beer, but it's never going to be anyone's favorite vampire movie (either in straight sense or in a bad movie ironic sense).

d. Kevin DeLullo