24 August 2008

TTT: Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator (1987)

Another low-key movie that Troma hyper-titled in order to trick people into buying it. No, sorry, no one gets stuffed in an incinerator (and no one is truly named Stephanie in the picture). Instead, we get kind of The Game ten years before The Game existed. During the first half hour of the movie, we're tricked into thinking this is an odd film about a twisted old lady who kidnaps an airplane mechanic in order to watch him have sex with a women she keeps trapped in her house. There's a daring escape and near-use of an iron maiden before we find out that everyone we've been watching are actors doing a sort of private performance for the mechanic, who's really an eccentric millionaire.

He insists on jumping from character to character every day of his life and forces his wife to take part. She's getting sick of of the never-ending charade and reaches her wits' end when he describes their first date as just another performance. Along with another actor, she plans to kill her husband and inherit his wealth. The husband finds out, chases the scheming pair around his secret passage-filled house, and all three of them end up dead. Except not. In reality, everyone is an eccentric millionaire putting on a performance for each other.

It's probably worthless to watch again – knowing everything is just an act – but it was fun the first time around.

aka In Deadly Heat
d. Don Nardo