16 October 2006


This Is MST3K - Created by Comedy Central and not BBI, this is really just a half-hour long commercial for the show. Here are some clips from the show. Here's Penn Jillette explaining why the show is smarter than you. Here are some critics who think it's great. Enter Doogie Howser, M.D. with his opinion...

As a behind-the-scene documentary, TIM is useless. The interview footage with BBI probably totals two minutes at most. There are fleeting glimpses of some behind-the-scenes work, but the camera never lingers more than a tick of the clock. The writers' room and the puppeteer area behind the console make fraction-of-a-second appearances, but that's about it.

Which is all disappointing. Joel is leaving in less than a year. I think this is the only footage I have of him speaking seriously about the series. Well, outside of the minute-long "Making of" clip from last year's Turkey Day, but that's footage culled from the same sit-down (why did they film the interviews a year prior to the release of this show, anyway?). Ah well. Joel will forever be a mysterious figure in the history of MST3K.

"You can get away with saying a lot of things with a puppet that you can't say with a human." (5/10)

cc d. Bill Price (14 Nov 1992)