13 October 2006

SWH: Week 4 (eighteen)

Six Weeks of HalloweenFriday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (1985)
Fake Jason doesn't bother me, I love the goofy characters, but the censored gore is annoying. (6/10)
d. Danny Steinmann
[movie number 600]

The Munsters: "Don't Bank on Herman" (1965)
Herman walks off with the modern equivalent of $109,000. (7/10)
d. Ezra Stone

Inhumanoids: "The Surma Plan" (1986)
You know it's messed up when even D. Compose gets freaked out over one of his zombies. (7/10)
d. Ray Lee

Tales from the Crypt: "Mute Witness to Murder" (1990)
Mostly crap, except for the good Richard Thomas performance. (5/10)
d. Jim Simpson