09 October 2006

MST3K (410)

410 - Hercules Against the Moon Men - Allen Steel likes his job. Always with a wide grin, he'll toss stunt people around like a kid on Christmas. Not much of an actor, but give the guy a pack of spear-wielding wussies and he'll go to town.

"Jim Henson's Exodus Babies." Joel, no! No! Other than that, the riffing was strong this week. It's been a while since I've gleaned so many out-loud laughs from an episode. It's been averageville lately, it seems.

There were also a few references to Turkey Day in this one ("gobble, gobble," "man-made chickens, but they're new"). I wonder if they'd just filmed the '92 bumpers? That's coming up pretty soon. I've got to figure out an appropriate meal to gobble up for the big day. I've already got a great dessert idea to try.

"It's the Inhumanoids." No Joel. I hate to get pedantic, but the Moon Rock Monsters looked like good-guy Mutores, not the bad-guy Inhumanoids. Specifically, they resembled the Mutore Granites, sworn enemies of the Inhumanoid Tendril. Tendril, you may or may not realize, in addition to being a thirty-eight foot tall, one hundred four thousand, one hundred ninety-two pound walking plant/cephalopod, was a fantastic dancer.

Joel goatee III, week 1.

The "Boobie Trap" sketch was a rare laughing-out-loud host segment. Not because of the water-drinking part, but the part when the bots relish saying the name of a bird with much emphasis. I dunno. My inner Beavis, I suppose.

The yearly tradition of singing about pants continues. "The Pants Song" isn't my favorite from the guys' oeuvre, it was fun enough.

DEEP HURTING, as it exists as amplified voices and onscreen graphics, was great. A little suspense cooked up by the Mads was a welcome changeup for the host segments. What's the DEEP HURTING? When? How? Why? As it turns out, it wasn't much. The sandstorm scene didn't approach the tediousness of the rock climbing from 208. The Mads' threat was a tad hollow. I appreciated the effort to spice things up, though.

"How much money can we get out of Tom Cruise? Page 25." (8/10)

film d. Giacomo Gentilomo (1964)
mst d. Jim Mallon (22 Aug 1992)